sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

New Issue available now

Letter from the editor.
For our eleventh issue I decided to go for a cubist concept, this is always the hard part of the whole process, finding a concept that joins the different styles from our contributors together. When I have an idea in mind I tend to be very obstinate until I see it as a reality, for this cover I wanted to pay tribute to Caravaggio as his birth anniversary is in September, but at the same time did not want to lose the aquatic feature of our publication, this is why I finally decided to work with the painting of Narcissus, so after hard work and many attempts, the cubist version of the painting was what we liked, even though this cover is a bit different from our usual monochromatic covers we did not lose the aesthetic sense of the magazine, carrying on a clean, Avant Garde design. The cover certainly is in “Appropriation Art” style which leads us to the series from Newblod Bohemia called “Basic Training”.
Newbold Bohemia came to us with two different series, reason why his portfolio is presented in two, first we have “Basic Traning,” an exploration of advertising images mainly of the decade of 1950 and its influence in the modern society behavior, very much what our cover represents, a deconstruction of vanity and how we see ourselves through the eyes of propaganda, and then “Gods, Mortals, and Us” a series that mixes the mythology and hyper-realism, facing the great themes from Renaissance and Baroque.
The photographic work of Paul Ockleshaw is essentially Avant Garde, with his constant decentralized frames, with lines that in moments seem to go to nowhere playing with the eyes of the spectators, a world sustained by his strong characters like high society gentlemen, male scores, and the sharp “Ring Master”, which Paul created for the series his currently working on and also to be presented here, in Noisy Rain Magazine, we only have to say that we welcome him with open arms.
Johnny Alexandre Abbate is in one word “Mistery” we do not know much about him, but we don’t need to, his artwork speaks for himself, his landscapes of loneliness and abandonment enriches the mystery in his art, in this way he creates a conceptual model that closes the circle to perfection.
With nothing more to add except that I hope you will enjoy much of this, our eleven issue.
E. Hirano.
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