viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

Paul Tait

At the age of seven, Paul boldly predicted in a note sealed for over 20 years in his school time capsule that he was going to grow up to be an artist.

Neither life nor art travels in clear straight lines. While he has spent his adult life developing a career in pharmacy, his interest in the arts has continued to grow. Paul’s passion for photography combined with his love of travel has produced a remarkable portfolio of images inspired by colour and movement. In a small way capturing images satisfies his curiosity about people and their culture.

He has participated in several local art exhibitions.

Paul would like to that the generosity of all of his models and has learnt much from their openness and their patience.






To The River 

Paul Tait. © 2011
Paul Tait´s Redbubble Gallery.

jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Featured Artists

Jim F, Eduardo Gómez Escamilla, Michael J Armijo, LivingHorus, Terry J Cyr, Adolph Hernandez, Dan Perez,
Anthony Boccaccio, Georgevye, Paul Tait, John Douglas, Bryan D. Spellman.

More works from Mark Jarvis

Always in my thoughts

No matter where we go
I think of you
Missing you when we are apart
You are the center of my heart
The clouds can carry my love to you
No sea to large to cross
You are always here with me


Waiting for you

Waiting for you
In our special place
We can leave the world behind us
Listen as the leaves gently fall
Listen to our hearts beat softly together.
I am waiting for you in our special place.


I'll watch over you 
 No matter where I am
Where I go
My heart and soul will always be with you
In your darkest of days
Through the tears
The sound of laugher
I will keep you safe
I will watch over you

Photography credits:
As Lovers Dream. Mark Jarvis.© 2011 
Waiting For You. Mark Jarvis.© 2011
In The Hands Of Love. Mark Jarvis.© 2011

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Mark Jarvis
(Photography and Poetry). © 2011 
Mark Jarvis´s Redbubble store.

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

From Co-Host Mark Jarvis

"The center of my heart" is one of the most recent works from talented Mark Jarvis, this image is presented with its homonym poem.

Deep in the centre of my heart
A love runs strong and true
Deep in the centre of my heart
Is a place just for you.

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Mark Jarvis.© 2011
Mark Jarvis´s Redbubble store.

Featured Artists

miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Art from Editor E.Hirano

Recently I started a new series of paintings called, "Noble Sports" The series consists of 5 pieces, the first of them is dedicated to archery, all works have a strong influence of art deco, as many of you know (or have noticed) my most recent works have this tendency, these pieces are based on sports that were popular in the 20's - 30's of twentieth century.

This pieces will be sold as limited edition, if you want to get your copy please follow the link bellow to visit my store. (secure buy).

The Archer

Available for sale as Matted Prints, Laminated Prints, Canvas Prints and Framed Prints.

E.Hirano.© 2011
E.Hirano´s Redbubble store.

viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Mason Jones

We have the honor to present more works from the talented Mason Jones. He recently has been featured in our Redbubble group with the piece "The Sweetest of Dreams" , we want to share with you this and "I Can’t Forget Your Touch" , two fantastic art pieces.

The Sweetest of Dreams

I Can’t Forget Your Touch

Available for sale as Greeting Cards, Matted Prints, Laminated Prints, Mounted Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints and Posters.

Mason Jones.© 2011
Mason Jones´s Redbubble store.

jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Terry J. Cyr

The magazine has given me the opportunity to be in contact with many artists from every corner of the planet, I've been immersed in a fantastic journey that has led me to discover new sources of inspiration. One of these artists is Terry J. Cyr, an American photographer dedicated to the male figure photography, he is currently directing a project called "The Naked Man Project" or as he explains in his own words "One man's exploration in Finding Himself and His search for light, beauty, desire and art"
A few days ago he asked me a couple of questions to see different views regarding on how other artists find inspiration and how our evolution in art has been though the years.

He explains: I have began a series of dialogues with various artists from around the world, whose work I respect and admire, to get their perspectives on some of the issues I question myself. Sunday I posed the question: Are we truly born with a gift or is it actually cultivated?

To find out more about this exciting and inspirational project please follow this link.
To know more about the work of this talented artist please visit his online gallery and shop. Terry J. Cyr Gallery.

Terry J. Cyr.© 2010-2011