jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Terry J. Cyr

The magazine has given me the opportunity to be in contact with many artists from every corner of the planet, I've been immersed in a fantastic journey that has led me to discover new sources of inspiration. One of these artists is Terry J. Cyr, an American photographer dedicated to the male figure photography, he is currently directing a project called "The Naked Man Project" or as he explains in his own words "One man's exploration in Finding Himself and His search for light, beauty, desire and art"
A few days ago he asked me a couple of questions to see different views regarding on how other artists find inspiration and how our evolution in art has been though the years.

He explains: I have began a series of dialogues with various artists from around the world, whose work I respect and admire, to get their perspectives on some of the issues I question myself. Sunday I posed the question: Are we truly born with a gift or is it actually cultivated?

To find out more about this exciting and inspirational project please follow this link.
To know more about the work of this talented artist please visit his online gallery and shop. Terry J. Cyr Gallery.

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